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Just as in architecture, a bridge spans the distance between two supports, in dentistry, a bridge spans the space created by a missing tooth or teeth and is secured by crowns attached to carefully prepared natural teeth on either side of the space. A high quality false tooth replacement fills the gap, restoring your smile, confidence and function.

The procedure for a bridge closely resembles that for a crown. Your supportive teeth, to which the crowns are bonded, are precisely reshaped so when your bridge is secured in place, it blends seamlessly in size and appearance with your surrounding natural teeth.

Two appointments are required. At the first appointment, your teeth are  shaped to fit the bridge and a detailed impression is taken of your teeth and gums. This is used as a template from which your replacement bridge is sculpted in a dental laboratory. While your new bridge is being constructed, a temporary bridge may be worn, this will enable you to retain your appearance and function of your bite.

At the second appointment when your new permanent bridge is complete, we will remove the temporary bridge, replacing it with you new bridge so you can have a new healthy natural looking smile.


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