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Dietary Advice

Every time you eat, plaque (a clear sticky film) develops on the surface of your teeth. Sweet and sticky foods like chewy lollies, caramel and jams stick to your teeth after eating them and create an environment conducive to decay.

A healthy balanced diet consisting of the basic food groups, high in fresh fruit, vegetables and low in sugar is essential for good oral health. When snacking between meals, substituting vegetable and cheese sticks, yoghurt, nuts and fruits over sweet treats, will decrease your chances of plaque and tartar build-up, which lead to the development of tooth decay. 

At Boroondara Dental, we recommend you eat sweet foods, snacks and drinks at normal meal times to limit the amount of exposure your teeth receive to sugar produced acids, as it is not the quantity of sugar and starch you consume that causes the most problem, it is the frequency. Eating snacks between meals or sipping on sweetened drinks, both soft drinks and sweetened tea, coffee and hot chocolate throughout the day will expose your teeth to more acid over a longer period.

Chewing sugarless gum or snacking on sugarless treats will increase saliva flow and reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. We also advise you rinse your mouth with fluoridated water after eating and drinking sweet products if you are unable to brush your teeth.

The team at Boroondara Dental are able to provide you with helpful advice on decay prevention and healthy teeth friendly snacks.